Review Baviphat Magic Liptint and NYX Concealer In a Jar


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Hello everyone, this is my fourth review, and today I’m gonna review 2 things in a row, I did this because the swatch is in one pict!! Hahaha, lazy me… So, the products I’m gonna review are Baviphat Apple Magic Liptint and NYX Concealer Jar.
Baviphat is South Korean brand with the shape Apple Like jar in red colour, just like apple colour. I really love the packaging and I guess the reason why I bought it was because of the cute packaging!! Korean cosmetique brands almost always have cute packaging for their products, guess the purpose is to attract women which is usually attracted to cute things, just like me *sigh*. The jar using a swirl cap, but it doesn’t use a clear/transparent glass jar which is a bit freaks me out if I drop it, and it makes the product doesn’t get a protection from the UV rays, so clear jar not quite travel friendly, but Baviphat wearing solid plastic and not transparent, and it’s tiny so it really does travel friendly besides its cute packaging (^o^).
For NYX, I like the size but sadly it use a clear/transparent glass jar, but thank God I never drop it even once, I treat it well, muahahaha. The cap is also a swirl cap comes in black colour, the material is solid, not a type of a cheap budget material. Both are about in 7gr, I’m not really sure with the Baviphat size because most of Korean brands minus ingredients and information about the product in its package. I got these for about Rp55.000 for NYX and Rp40.000 for Baviphat from online shop. This is how it looks :


[baviphat magic liptint and nyx concealer jar[/caption]


[NYX concealer jar Lavender[/caption]

[baviphat magic liptint[/caption]

The texture is not really creamy, not really soft texture, it tends a bit hard in my opinion for both products. For Baviphat, I have to give a little extra energy when digging into the pot, plus the colour is sheer, just giving a little hint of pink, but it’s glossy, I think it’s better to use it as a lipgloss rather than liptint. What I hate the most is it’s really really really super duper STICKY!!! Really annoyed with it… makes me can’t speak properly because my lips often get stuck to each other (sounds weird and silly but it’s true, it worst if you apply quite much on your lips).
For NYX, I choose the Lavender shade, aaannnddd I guess I choose the wrong shade. It happened because, again… I’m interested with the colour (purple colour on make up is cute), and I never knew before (too lazy to search info about it) that Lavender colour give a sallow skin look. I can’t use it as an undereye and red blemishes concealer, so I use it as color corrector for area around my mouth that tends to look darker than the other area, but I can only use it in small amount for every application because of its thick consistency. If I put it too much it will get cakey, and looks like vampire pale skin. I think I’m gonna use it as an eyeshadow base also. It only decrease in very small amount, but it’s written that only 12 months after opening!! Omgee… am I gonna be able to catch up with that?


[NYX Lavender[/caption]


[Baviphat Apple Magic Tint[/caption]

This is the swatch, I applied it more than 1 layer especially the Baviphat.


[swatch NYX and Baviphat[/caption]

The ingredients, for NYX unfortunately it contain irritant ingredients that might be causing allergic reaction to sensitive skin, such as Fragrance and BHT (Butylated Hydroxy Toluene) but I do love the smell, doesn’t really sting, it smells fresh (^_^).

Pros Baviphat:
– Cute packaging.
– Travel friendly size.
– Affordable price.
Pros NYX :
– Travel friendly size.
– Affordable price.
– Lovely colour in a jar.

Cons Baviphat :
– Very sticky.
– The colour is so sheer.
– Too glossy.
Cons NYX:
– Contain irritant ingredients.
– Cakey if apply too much.
– Only able to use it for 12 months.

This is my review, any of you already use it too? What do you think? Share your opinion with me. Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S

I already dug deeper on my Baviphat Apple Magic Liptint, and the texture of it is softer, and I applied it in quite a lot of amount, and let it stay on my lips in a few minutes until it turns bright pink, and then I blot it with tissue, and I got a nice pink lip colour, and not too sticky feeling either.


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