Review Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BBCream

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

My first review!! I’m gonna review Maybelline Clear Smooth Minerals BBCream shade Fresh. The reason why I choose Maybelline in my first review is because this BBCream was my first foundation ever, hahaha. My sister gave me this and she use the other version, transformer version I believe, so I give it a try and since then I became a make up junkie, make up is such a thing that I can play with, lol to the max (^o^).

Now, moving to the main theme, this BBCream using tube bottle in green color with swirl cap. It’s 18ml size, and as I knew they only have one size. This is how it looks :




Now, the swatch, the texture is creamy liquid like, it looks brown when I first squeeze it out, but when I spread it on my skin it became lighter, and when I blend it, it became more and more lighter, and this shade is quite too white for me. So I use bronzer to give a warm colour to my face. Except if you want to have a vampire look, this shade will give you the best result, hahaha (and then Edward Cullen and Bella Swan come to your house with their baby, lol).



<swatch maybelline bbcream[/caption]

As you can see, the shade after blending is 2 levels lighter than my skintone. (left part-bare skin, right part-using bbcream).

The coverage is sheer to medium. However when it applied on my face it feels a bit oily and feels a bit sticky on my fingers, that’s why I prefer using sponge to blend the bbcream. Actually I like this bbcream, maybe I will try the different shade that match my skintone, and it doesn’t contain irritant ingredients. Plus, the price is so affordable, it’s around Rp39.000,-

Pros :

– Creamy liquid like texture.

– Easy to blend.

– Doesn’t irritating skin.

– Affordable price.

Cons :

– Feels a bit sticky and oily when applied on face.

– The shade is too light for me.

This is my review, any of you already use it too? What do you think? Share your opinion with me. Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S

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