Review Silkygirl Long-Wearing Eyeliner

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Here’s my other review. I got this eyeliner at Matahari for about Rp29.500, so affordable!! \(^o^)/. As I knew it’s Malaysian brand but this eyeliner is made in Germany.

I’m gonna review Silkygirl shade no.2 Black Brown. I don’t really like black eyeliner because I’m not really good at using eyeliner on my upperline, and a big no-no to my lower lash line, it looks a bit weird on me, haha.. brown is softer, and I’m using it with tightline technique. This eyeliner is retractable so no sharpening needed. It’s 0.35gr size, but for eyeliner I think it’s not so few, since we only use it for lining our eyes, just like eyebrow pencils. It claims that it’s waterproof, smudge-proof, and fragrance-free. This is how it looks :

[silkygirl eyeliner in black brown[/caption]


[silkygirl matic-pencil liner[/caption]

Texture is not creamy, a bit thick/hard in my opinion, it’s quite pigmented, but not easily stain your eyelid/waterline, but for tightline I usually repeat it 4-5 times. I broke it when doing swatch, I guess I pull out the content too long, argh!

(“swatch silkygirl eyeliner”)

This is the ingredients, it doesn’t contain irritant ingredients that might be causing allergic reaction to sensitive eyes, so it’s save to use even for sensitive eyes.

[ingredients silkygirl eyeliner[/caption]

Pros :
– No sharpening needed.
– Quite pigmented.
– The shade is perfect for me.
– Affordable price.
– Doesn’t contain irritant ingredients.
Cons :
– A bit hard texture.
– Not easily stain eyelid, need to repeat a few times lining my waterline.

This is my review, any of you already use it too? What do you think? Share your opinion with me. Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S


3 thoughts on “Review Silkygirl Long-Wearing Eyeliner

    1. It’s retractable, so it suppose to be no need to sharpen it, but some retractable eyeliners do have a sharpener to make it pointy again. Unfortunately this one doesn’t have it.

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