Review Revlon Nail Enamel


Tuesday, 24 January 2013

Hello everyone, push myself to type review again, hehehe. This time I’m gonna review about nail polish, and it’s from Revlon Nail Enamel shade 275 Love Her Madly, yes, sounds a bit awkward with the name of the shade but whatever, I don’t care, hahaha.The package is come in a clear glass with less label on it. You can see the content right away, doesn’t have to open the cap first.
It’s 14,7ml size for Rp33.000. It’s quite a lot since it’s a nail polish and not reapply everyday. Maybe you can have it until more than 1 year. This is how it looks :


The texture is liquid, pigmented, and a little bit shiny when first applied. I like candy pink colour, actually I’m searching for the pink one with a little hint of nude but I can’t find it and when I saw this colour on the swatch plastic in the counter looks not too red. When I apply it my nail after I bought it, it looks a bit too red for me but thank God it’s still has a hint of pink, so it’s not as red as true red or something like that. My friend said that it’s quite “ngejreng” (sorry, dunno what to call it in English), but she said my hand’s skin is quite fair, so it’s still match to my skintone.


Sorry I cannot read the ingredients, it’s so tiny… I don’t wanna hurt my eyes, LOL!! But the good thing is, this nail polish is so easy to be cleaned. Put nail polish remover on a cotton, put the cotton on top of the nail, wait for about 5 seconds, and then swipe it, and it’s clean!! Not such a pain-in-the-ass nail polish, yay!! \(^o^)/.

I usually use it 2 days and then remove it, and the use it again after several days. If I use it more than 2 days (I used to use it until 5 days) my nails gets a bit yellow on the outer part. I heard that a lot of people also get this after using nail polish, any kind and any brand of nail polish, and I’ve read on an article that it’s because we didn’t use base coat first, I don’t know it’s true or not.

Pros :
– Liquid texture. (Of course laaa, it’s a nail polish)
– Easy to blend.
– Pigmented.
– Easy to be removed.
– Affordable price for a nice quality.
– The size is quite big.

Cons :
– Makes my nails turned a bit yellow.

This is my review, any of you already use it too? What do you think? Share your opinion with me. Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S


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