Review Masami Shouko HD Foundation Brush

Hello everyone, this is my second review on make up tools. This time I’m gonna review about flat top HD foundation brush by Masami Shouko, I bought it at Guardian drugstore for about rp89.000. I want to buy it because it’s similar to Bubbi Flawless HD Brush, because I can’t get that Bubbi brush so I get the Masami one and it’s one of their best seller brushes. You can check their website

The handle is semi-glossy plastic material (I think) in black colour, with the name of the brand and the type of the brush and the number of the brush. The ferrule is metal silver colour material, I’m not sure it’s made from recycled aluminium like Ecotools or not. The silver ferrule is 14cm long, the black ferrule is 18cm long. You can choose which one suits you best.


[Masami Shouko HD Foundation brush[/caption]


[Masami Shouko[/caption]


[HD Foundation 319[/caption]

The bristles of this brush is short, flat top, very dense and a bit stiff, it’s synthetic so it is soft just like any other synthetic brushes. It’s really appropriate for liquid foundations or bbcreams application, it can gives an airbrushed look. At first I don’t really know how to use it properly, yes it’s still give me a flawless look but it’s still look a bit heavy and not airbrushed look at that time. Also I push my brush too hard, not with a light hand, and I put my foundation/bbcream on my face first, and then blend it with this brush.


[HD Foundation Brush[/caption]


[Very dense bristles[/caption]

When I change my method, (I’m using stippling brush/duo fibre brush method), it gives me an airbrushed look. So, the method is put your liquid foundation/bbcream at the back of your hand, spread it with this brush in circular motion with light hand, and then dot some spot in one area such as right cheek only, and then blend it away with light hand also, and then go the same way for the other area.

Sometimes, I use it as compact powder brush, it gives sheer and no cakey result, and flawless, but you still can feel the stiffness of this brush. It is easy to be cleaned with baby shampoo. Need a longer time to dry than small brushes such as eye brushes but not as long as the kabuki one.
Unfortunately this brush comes without brush guard, unlike the other big brushes, but the new stock/version of this brush comes with brush guard, kyaaaa~!!! *punching pillow*, but the colour of the white part is a bit blue, unlike the older version such as mine, the colour is black and pure white, without a hint of blue.

Pros :
– Soft bristles.
– Able to give an airbrushed look.
– Easy to be cleaned.

Cons :
– A bit stiff.
– A bit pricey.
– No brush guard.
– Took a little long time to dry after being washed.

This is my review, any of you already use it too? What do you think? Share your opinion with me. Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S

2 thoughts on “Review Masami Shouko HD Foundation Brush

  1. I used to use this one too as a foundation brush, but since its too stiff and takes quite a bit longer to buff on foundation, I move on to real techniques line, they do the work amazingly and much better. And I’m from Indonesia too, please check my blog and follow if you’d like

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