Review Tammia Kabuki Brush

Hello everyone, I’m back and gonna review about make up tools. This time I’m gonna review about kabuki brush, I bought it at Matahari for about rp 70.000. It’s really really really big and huge kabuki (not Huge Jackman), the size is about half of my cheek. Actually I want to get the smaller one, it’s cheaper also, rp 50.000 but it’s out of stock when I’m planning to buy it.


The handle comes in black color with big, not too big but quite big short round handle, just the common type of kabuki handle. No brand written on there but actually this brand is Tammia, some of their products are left without mark with the name of the brand, I found it on brush pouch also.




The bristles are synthetic in my opinion because of its glowing look, comes in brown color, darker at the top. The bristles are very soft, what I like about Tammia’s brushes is the softness of the bristles. What I don’t like about this brush is when I wash it, because it’s so dense and big, it’s quite hard to wash it, remove the excess water (so many excess water in the inside part of the brush if you squeeze it), and drain it, I mean let it dry. It took almost half of the day to be completely dry.

Right now I’m using this kabuki brush as a blush brush, and to blend the blush in circular motion. I use it for powder also, both loose powder and compact powder but I use for loose powder more often because it doesn’t giving me the proper amount if I use it for compact powder,except if I only need a sheer coverage from compact powder.

Actually if I could turn back time, I’d rather choose powder brush than this, but I already bought it, so I wanna keep using it until the bristles getting less and more, because it does shedding sometimes, or after you wash it. When you pull out the outer part bristles, it will easily shed, not all well tied in my opinion.

Pros :
– Very soft bristles.

Cons :
– A bit hard to dry when you wash it.
– Shedding.
– A bit pricey (because actually I want the smaller version which is cheaper also).

This is my review, any of you already use it too? What do you think? Share your opinion with me. Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S


3 thoughts on “Review Tammia Kabuki Brush

  1. Waaah.. lg nyari jg nih aku sist.. Ada yaa tnyt di matahati Btw mall Sby mn? Aku jg di Sby 🙂
    nice review! ^_^

  2. ada, di delta plaza ada, aku belinya di situ, stlh beli yg gede ini bbrp bln kmdn yg kecil udh restock, kyaaa~!!!
    di TP jg ada Tammia tp aku ga merhatiin si kabuki ini ada apa ga.

    thank you 🙂

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