Review Nivea Lipbalm

Finally I’ve collected most of the Nivea Lipbalms/ lipbalm tint, except the white cap one.
This is all of my collection.


From the left, it’s Cherry, Strawberry, Rose, and Essential Care.


This is Nivea Essential Care.


This is Nivea Rose.


This is Nivea Strawberry.


This is Nivea Cherry.


First I’m gonna start off with the Essential Care, this one with blue cap is my favourite, soft texture, very moisturizing, no greasy feeling, no colour, this is all you need if you want to moist your lips without too much shine/glossy look, no glitter also. Almost running out of it, definitely gonna repurchase again.


This is fruity Cherry, if you want lipbalm with red berry like and bold colour, this is what you need. The stain looks like lipstick, but I don’t really like the aftertaste on my lips, I can feel the residue of it, hard texture, not so moisturizing, have glitter in it, the picture above is the look when I pull it out of the tube and smash it in a jar, LOL.
So sorry I forgot to swatch it and take a picture of it and I don’t have any left of it now.


These two are Strawberry and Rose. Strawberry smells and taste sweet, love it, quite runny and softer texture than the cherry one. Quite moisturizing, more moisturizing than the cherry and less than the essential. The residue is less than cherry, but still contains micro glitter, the colour is bright red.

The last one is Rose, I don’t like this one, no colour, not moisturizing, hard texture, smells weird, I don’t think it’s a smell of a rose. It makes me looks more pale, not recommended. This is the swatch of Strawberry (upper part), and Rose (Lower part). As you can see, no colour at the lower part.


This is my review, any of you already use it too? Share your opinion with me. Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

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