Tony Moly Lip Tint Cherry Red

Hello everyone, just got back from outta town, home feels like a heaven… *home sweet home*.

Okay, right now I’m gonna do a review about Tony Moly liptint, no. 2 Cherry Red. I bought it around October last year from the friend of my friend for rp30.000 include shipping cost (shipping cost for every product, makes it expensive).

It comes in cute tiny round bottle, remind me to potion bottle in fairytale stories.


It does so tiny, and it’s only 1 ml, but a little goes a long way. Black glossy cap with sticker on it, trasparent red rounded bottle.


The applicator looks like a lipgloss applicator, but it straight, not a bent tip applicator.


The colour is deep red, without hint of pink, purple, or even orange, if I put it too much, it looks almost vampy red.




I don’t really like the scent, it reminds me to Betadine, medicine for external wound. It is so pigmented, but you have to blend it fast because it’s not a jelly type liptint, it’s liquid, and set on your lips quite fast.

Plus make sure that you already remove dead skin cell by scrubbing your lips or even doing a lip mask before, and don’t forget to use lipbalm after put on this liptint, or else, your lips will getting dry and it’s not so good to look at.
Sometimes I use lipbalm first before using this tint, it makes spreading a lot more easier.

When you apply it to your lips, DO NOT dot it on your lips or you will have dot shadows, better use your finger to “lick” the tint from the sponge applicator, and then dab and spread the tint to your lips.

This is my review, any of you already use it too? What do you think? Share your opinion with me.

Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

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