LTPro eyeshadow and powder blush

Thank God It’s Friday (TGIF), this time I’m gonna do a review about one of Indonesian professional local make up brand, and it is called LTPro, professional line from LaTulip.

I bought one of the eyeshadow matte and powder blush. The eyeshadow is in shade EM04. It cost around IDR33.300 because I got 10% discount from the store called Bilka near Ngagel.



The colour is dark brown without hint of red, I usually use in outer corner of my eyes, or use it as an eyeliner to wing out my eyeliner, because I tend to use my liquid liner for tightlining my waterline.

The color is so pigmented, you might get the fall out if you didn’t tap off the excess powder first. The colour get more its pigmentation if you use natural bristles. Staying power is great, and it’s matte. I’m a matte lover, but unfortunately the don’t have many variant of colours, one colour only available in matte or shimmer line, not X or Y colour in both matte and shimmer (T.T)

Powder blush is in shade PB08, actually it’s a bronzer. I use this for contouring, or for tanning, because I have one foundation with the wrong shade, it’s too light for me, but I want to keep using it until the last drop, so I use bronzer for warming up my skintone after being polished with foundation, hehehe…

I bought this powder blush at Matahari Surabaya Plaza aka Delta Plaza IDR45.000.

It is matte, quite pigmented, but you better use it with stippling brush, because it’s a lot easier to build up the intensity of the colour with this brush without ended up looking too tan. Just personal preference, and just want to give you a suggestion (^_^).

Staying power last quite long, but if you’re sweating, it does will fade little by little. I usually tap the sweat with tissue so that the bronzer will still remains and doesn’t move to another part of my face. Also, it doesn’t break me out.



Both I bought the refill, because I’m not really interested with the packaging, I can almost get two products with the price of it.
For the powder blush, I put it on compact powder case, but for the eyeshadow, I put it on a small jar that I bought on accesories store called How R U for about IDR8.000 for two tiny jars.



I also took a snap shot of LTPro’s full product. I love the shape of the pallette, wish someday I can have this kind of pallette either.


This is the swatch (^_^)


This is my review, hope this helpful.
Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.


2 thoughts on “LTPro eyeshadow and powder blush

  1. Wah eyeshadownya sempet jadi wishlist aku, tapi masi bingung jadi beli apa ga. bagus mana kalo dibandingin etude, face shop dll?
    aku ngincer warna peach, ada ga ya?

    1. Bagus kok kualitasnya menurutku, pigmented, ga banyak fallout, ada yg seri matte jg. Nah, masalahnya adalah varian warnanya yg menurutku masih kurang banyak, dan aku kurang notice jg ada warna peach ato ngga (mcm warnanya ga sebanyak sariayu, tp sariayu bershimmer smua, ga ada yg matte, hiks).
      Etude aku cm br nyoba eyeshadow yg seri look at my eyes warna Peach Latte, matte, tp dia warnanya ga peach, cenderung agak kayak bedak gitu warnanya, kcuali kalo di bawahnya dipakein cream blush/cream shadow dulu br lumayan nongol warnanya. Tapi untuk warna2 lain yg pigmented dr etude itu menurutku yg warna2 gelap, kalo warna2 pastel biasanya brand korea cenderung semu2 malu2 gt pigmentasi warnanya.
      Kalo face shop blm pernah coba.
      Oiya seingat aku Make Over ada eyeshadow warna peach. Coba aja ke konternya trus colek2 testernya, hehehe…

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