Review Etude House Drawing Eyebrow, Magic Tint Balm, Dear My Milky Gloss, Look at My Eyes.

안녕 하세요 여러븐 … Today I’ll be doing a review of Korean make up brand called Etude House. I will be reviewing Drawing Eyebrow, Magic Tint Balm, Dear My Milky Gloss and Look At My Eyes.

I’m gonna start off with Drawing Eyebrow. I got this in shade no.1 Dark Brown which is actually I ordered no.4 Dark Grey, now I’m not gonna purchase on that shop again, I bought this from online shop for IDR 34.000.

The packaging is looks like any other automatic eyebrow pencil, retractable pencil and a brush at the other side.
The shape of the content is triangle, I think its purpose is to achieve sharp eyebrows at the outer corner.



Yep, this is the maximum length of it, kind of short…
The texture is a bit hard, well, if it’s too soft my eyebrows will ended up with too much product and my eyebrows will looks like Shinchan’s.
The brush really help soften out the pencil after applied, it makes the brows looks neat and natural. I like it, but I still want to try the grey one because grey matches me more than brown for eyebrows. But I’m also planning on buying Tony Moly Eyebrow Pencil in grey, gotta search for the review first.


Next is Magic Tint Balm. Actually I never saw this in online shop, but I saw this a lot at the counter. Well I bought this one at the counter for IDR 120.000, quite pricey since it’s more like a lipgloss rather than lipbalm tint, but what I like about it is the color quite pigmented, able to cover my lip’s color, not drying, and give a proper amount of beautiful shine, and the texture is really soft and not as sticky as lipgloss. What I don’t like is it doesn’t leave a stain like liptint or lipbalm tint, and easily washed away when I swipe it or eating. I got this in shade no.2 Magic Pink. I don’t know how many grams but it’s such a big jar. Ouw I forgot to mention that because it’s a jar so you need to poke your fingers in it, and that’s not hygienic for travelling. I only use it when I’m doing my make up at home, not for touch up.


Next is Dear My Milky Gloss, I got this in shade PK001 Peachy Red, I bought it at the counter for IDR 148.000. It’s a nude peachy pink color, feels a bit sticky when I first applied it, but after several minutes it became watery texture, I don’t know why but it’s okay to me because it can help hydrating my lips 😉


The texture is quite thick and a bit sticky, it has a glowy effect but without glitter because I don’t really like glitter on lip products. If you like glitter on lipgloss, you can try Dear My Crystal Gloss instead.


The last one is Look At My Eyes Eyeshadow. I got this in shade PK001 Peach Latte. I also bought this at the counter for IDR 98.000.
This single eyeshadow is a matte peachy white pale color, I usually use it as a base, or to neutralize my eyelid color to make my lids look fresh when I don’t want to use more than one color. I also use this to brighten up my inner lower lashline before putting on glittery/pearly shadow.


The packaging is a clear plastic,makes it easy to see the color without open the lid. The product itself has a tiny heart shaped on it, but as the time goes by, it’s slowly faded.

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That’s all for my review I hope you can find this usefull.
Thanks for reading.
Reynata. M. S.


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