Review The Skin Food (Rice Concealer & Short Cake Eyeliner).

Hello all of you, nice to meet you again. Right now I’m gonna do a review, products from Korean brand called The Skin Food. Rice Concealer, and Short Cake Eyeliner.

First I’m gonna start off with Rice Concealer, I order shade 21 skin beige/light beige. The tube has a wand in it, just like lipgloss, so we can dot the product to the problem areas. The body of the tube is not a Clear plastic, so I cannot see the inside, and it looks always full eventho it’s empty.


The cap has a cupid shaped art that makes it unique. If I have to throw the body part of the tube, I don’t mind, as long as I can keep the cap.


The texture is liquid BUT dunno why it feels like it has micro smashed rice in it, if I applied it on my jawline, it’s fine, but when I applied it on my undereye & around mouth area it feels drying and looks cakey no matter how small amount I put it on.
I bought it from online shop for IDR 55.000.


The second stuff is Skin Food Short Cake Liquid Eyeliner. It is a tiny eyeliner, 2.5gr, similar with travel size mascara. I don’t really know the size of liquid eyeliner usually be. I got it in black. The packaging is so lightweight. Creme plastic, with a wand (of course laa~), the brush is so thin and pointy, but dunno somehow I’m still unable to create the perfect thin line and a wing, I still need to use my eyeliner brush to achieve that look.


The color is matte black if it’s not poured with the lights. When I clean it with remover, it’s not smearing smudging, but it became like a jumbo powder partikel. It doesn’t take a long time to dry after applied on eyelid, it also not smudging on me, but it turns into flakes and sometimes fall to the undereye area, and I didn’t use it on my lower lashline. I only use it on my upper lashline and tightline.
I bought this from online shop for IDR 42.000.





Any of you own it too? What do you think?
Thanks for reading, hope this helpful.
Reynata M.S.


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