BarBar things I’ve done.

Sometimes, when I purchase something, it doesn’t as I expected, and usually I will try to make it works by doing experiment of them. Some of them works, some are not.
So, here’s what I’ve done.

When I bought Silkygirl loose powder no.1, it is too dark for me, and when I bought Pigeon Squalane in White, it is too light for me. Too dark and too light, and then this idea across my mind, I mix them to get the shade that matches my skintone.


The second one is not about mixing things, but it’s moving my Revlon Photoready perfecting primer into a pot/jar, at first when it’s still full it’s easy to pump the product out of the bottle, but when it’s already less, no matter how hard and how many times I push the pump, I can’t get enough product to use, I want to use it until the last drop so I’m thinking to move it in a jar, and now I can easily pick it up with brush or my fingers.


The third one is mixing foundation, just like the powder, it’s the same cases, one foundation’s shade is too light (maxfactor miracle touch no.40 creamy ivory) and the other one is too dark (revlon photoready cool beige). So I mix them together with the help of Hadalabo Gokyujun Lotion as a catalyst because it looks a bit cakey and dry if it’s not mixed with moisturizer.
First attempt, still too light, so I add more of Revlon to Maxfactor, plus Hadalabo. Now I get the perfect shade of this mix foundation, but I’m a bit confuse because the Revlon is still quite a lot left over, and the Maxfactor already all used in this mixing session. Maybe I will just mix the Revlon with moisturizer to make it more sheer, and then use powder with my shade.


The last one is brush. I bought this Masami Shouko Angled Shading Brush because of… I don’t know, I just randomly picked it up at the store, aaannnddd, I didn’t check the softness of the bristles first. It’s a natural bristles. When I get home and tried it, aaaarrrggghhh!!! It’s so scratchy!!! Huhuhu… 😥
I already cut the “harsh bristles” slowly and with maximum focus, I thought it’s gonna be softer, but it’s not, I keep on trying again and again, but it all fails. Until one day I get upset and decided to cut it into a “shader brush” shape, buuutttt, still, as scratchy as before.

Here’s the look before and after.



That’s all for my barbar things I’ve done. Any of you ever did it too?

Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

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