Swatch Revlon Photoready, DNA, Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

Hello, a few days ago I went to a mall, and I saw a beauty fair over there, it’s a revlon beauty fair, and it’s a make up artist contest. Quite many products showed and it is so tempting to do swatches, hehehe. Also there’s 50% discount for selected items, in a “special box”, but I guess the products already old and will reach the expired date soon, so I’m not really interested 🙂

I swatch some of the foundation just want to know which one is my shade. I swatch revlon DNA and revlon photoready. On DNA, my shade I believe is Natural Ochre, sorry I’m a bit forgot about the name of the shade, but I only remember the Ochre well. Natural beige is too pink for me. While photoready Shell is too light and yellow, and my shade is Nude, as I know revlon nearly naked also use the same name for the shades, so I think my shade is also nude on nearly naked foundation.
And I think shade Nude is about NC 25-30 in mac shade. CMIIW.


And then I move on to the hottest item for this year, Just bitten kissable balm stain. Here’s some of the colors that available on a display. Actually I really want to know the color of honey and rendezvouz but I didn’t see it there, ouw, and sorry I forgot to swatch precious and adore, so crowded at that time because it’s weekend (>.


That’s all for the swatch, hope this helpful for you guys 😉
Again, sorry for precious and adore 😦
Gotta be more detail next time.
Thanks for stopping by.
Reynata M.S.


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