Review Skin Food Aloe Sun BB Cream

Hey guys, I’m back and will be doing a review on Skin Food Aloe Sun BBcream in shade no.1 light beige. I’m purchasing this bbcream from online shop, in sample size, I decided to try it out so here is my thought.

At first I’m afraid it will look too white on me, because my shade is in between, lighter than no.2 and darker than no.1, but because sometimes people wearing 1 shade lighter on their foundation, so I think no.1 is okay for me, it’s slightly/one shade lighter than my skintone, it still suits me.
This is the look :


The texture is very liquidy, so lightweight, feels like wearing nothing on my face, and not cakey even in the undereye area. Able to reduce redness on my cheeks but doesn’t conceal with maximum coverage, if you have dark/pigmented scar/blemishes, you better use concealer on top of it.


This is when I splash it with water from faucet, and after pat it dry with tissue. Sorry for different lighting, indoor lighting is horrible.

The smell is not as strong as the mushroom one (hoekkss), smells a bit artificial aloe but it’s gone by a few seconds after applied.


Staying power is okay for me, it doesn’t fading easily, but for oil control, some people might call it poor. I use it at around 2pm (put your hands up… zt zt zt zt zt) #slapped , two hours later my nose area already oily. So people with oily skin should bring blotting paper and powder for touch up. Also, it’s a dewy finish.

My skin type is dry combo. Also I think I’m warm tone and yellow undertone, around nc25 (I guess, I’ve never try mac face product before, so I’m not really sure, just guessing after seeing people with shade nc15-20 and nc30).

Pros :
+Easy to blend
+Able to reduce the appearance of redness
+Doesn’t cause breakouts
+No whitecast

Cons :
-Oil control not so good
-The smell is quite noticeable, and people who don’t like fragrance on cosmetics might not like it.

That’s all for my review, I hope you enjoyed it and find this useful.
Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

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