Review EOS Lipbalm Sphere Lemon Drop SPF 15

Hello everyone, a few months ago I’ve been eyeing on this cute and unique lipbalm. It’s EOS lipbalm sphere and I choose Lemon Drop because it contains SPF 15, but it’s also contain Benzophenon as one of its active ingredients.


The lipbalm is domed shape so we don’t have to poke our finger in it when we need to use it, and that means it’s more hygienic.
I got this from online shop for IDR 68.000.


But the smell is remind me to rubber, lemon rubber. (-.-”…
When I use it, it feels waxy, and then I read some reviews and it said that the more you
use it, the more creamier it is.

Unfortunately, eventho I use it quite often and the surface of the lipbalm became creamier, it still not moisturizing enough, my lips doesn’t feel comfortable and hydrated.

I don’t think I’m gonna purchase another flavour.

Pros :
+ Cute and unique shape
+ Easy to find when I bring it on my purse
+ Able to be used as decorative stuff

Cons :
– Quite pricey
– Quite bulky
– Not moisturizing
– Feels waxy
– Smells weird like a rubber with a scent of lemon

This is my review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

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