Review Real Techniques Brush Sets (Core Collection & Travel Essentials)

Hello everyone, this time I’m gonna do a review about make up brush. 2 months ago I bought these babies after waiting for quite long until it’s ready stock in online shop.

The brushes are from Real Techniques brush set by Samantha Chapman. I bought the Core Collection and Travel Essentials set.
Each set cost around IDR 258.000. So for Core Collections (4 brushes) each brush cost IDR 64.500, and for Travel Essentials (3 brushes) each brush cost IDR 86.000.

Now, let’s start from the Core Collection.
This one is Buffing Brush, the most famous of all four from the set. The bristles feels so soft, quite flexible but not too stiff nor too wobbly, dense and no sheds after being washed, I already wash it several times, and still great.


The shape is slightly flat eventho it’s not totally flat top, dense bristles but fleaxible, gold copper ferrule also as a handle because Real Techniques shape is not handle and ferrule type, but it has rubber at the edge of the handle part. All of the brushes from Core Collections are in gold copper colour.

I use it for liquid foundation, bb cream, powder foundation, compact powder, loose powder, but I haven’t tried it for blush and bronzer yet but I think this brush able to do that because I watch the video on youtube and she is using buffing brush for applying bronzer. One thing does it all ^_^v.
Actually I don’t really like if I use 1 brush for liquid product and then powder product, but I only did that for experiment (^_^), and this brush able to do those jobs, after liquid/cream and then powder.

Contour Brush. Same texture and softness as Buffing Brush, but I don’t really use it as a Contour Brush. Me mostly use it as a Highlighter Brush, sometimes for powder on undereye area, or powder for all over the face. The shape is tapered and makes it easy to be used on hard to reach area. I haven’t tried it for applying blush.


Pointed Foundation Brush. This brush is the most unused from the collection. It’s too small for foundation, but too flimsy for concealer. I think it would be better if this brush replaced by concealer brush, or eye blending brush.

Update: I’ve tried to use it as mask brush and it works well because its flimsy texture, makes the bristles move easily on hard to reach area, and spread the mask very well.


Detailer Brush. This brush is so tiny and skinny, and so lightweight. I love to use it as an eyeshadow brush on lower inner corner, or for crease area. I haven’t tried it for eyeliner, maybe I will only use eyeshadow as an eyeliner because I don’t want to stain the bristles, hehehe (^_^v


Now, move on to the Travel Essentials set. This set is colourful, but one of them have similar colour to Core Collection (why?? Why not using another colour?? Green or Blue maybe?? Please..).

This set contains 3 brushes, Multi Task Brush with pink ferrule, Domed Shadow Brush with purple ferrule, Essential Foundation Brush with gold copper ferrule.

Multi Task brush have a cute and feminin colour because it’s pink (^_^). The shape is also tapered, just like Contour Brush but bigger and broader. I usually use it the most for applying blusher, I’ve tried to use it as powder brush, but it feels a bit pricky when I use it for applying loose powder in dabbing motion, dunno why.
If I use it for compact powder, it gives sheer coverage.
I reaaaally love this brush, because of the colour, mwahahahahaha~


Next is Domed Shadow Brush. This brush is sooo soft and also quite multitasking. I use it the most for applying eyeshadow all over the lid, sometimes I use it as a blending brush, crease brush, applying powder on undereye area, and I’ve tried to use it to blend undereye concealer also and it works well.


The last is Essential Foundation Brush. This brush is stiff, too small for foundation and too big for concealer, same case as Pointed Foundation Brush, and this brush is the most unused from the set.


This is the case that comes with each set. I can use it for travelling. It’s kinda hard-case-like with pillowy part, so I think this brush case able to protect the brush inside very well.


Another review of my make up brushes

That’s all for my review on Real Techniques brush sets. Hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

4 thoughts on “Review Real Techniques Brush Sets (Core Collection & Travel Essentials)

    1. core collection actually (buffing brush and contour brush), the other set only multi task brush that i use the most. i wish multitask brush can be included as a part of core collection replacing pointed foundation brush which i think a bit useless, hahahaha.

  1. which one is your favorite? if you could only buy one of these set, which one will you buy first? because i am planning to buy one of these set but i am still confuse which one should i buy first heheh

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