Review Kiss Me Heavy Rotation Browcara

Finally I have a browcara!!! I’ve been waiting quite long for having such a mascara for brows since not much brands have it, especially here in my country, Indonesia.

I always wonder how the makeup artist did their tricks to make the celebrity’s eyebrow match their hair color such as blonde, light brown, brunette, or taupe (especially Asians celebs). This thing really help to reach that look.

I bought this browcara from local online shop for IDR 138.000, actually I also want to try Dolly Wink Liquid Eyeliner Pen but it’s way too expensive for me for just an eyeliner… (T^T) Maybe someday when I became a rich person, I will purchase all Dolly Wink Make Up series (is it too much to have a dream like that? Hahaha).


When I open the cap, there’s a wand inside just like mascara. At first I’m a bit shocked because the color of the product is yellow beige, I thought it will be a blonde color and way too light for my dark hair color, but when I applied it on my brows, it looks taupe or ash brown just like what its written on the box, and it looks natural.

This is when I use it alone without any other brow products.


This is when I use eyeshadow and browcara.


The texture is wet, and hardened after applied, well it makes my brows stay in place for a whole day, love it (^_^d
But don’t apply it too much or your brows will look too wet and unnatural.

Staying power is long lasting for me, even on hot sunny days, it’s only removed completely when I wipe it with make up remover, maybe it contains wax so that wax keep it last all day.

Me personally prefer using it alone, because when I mix it with other brow products, my eyebrows ended up looking unnatural, looks like I’m wearing make up on my brows. Well, maybe that’s because I’m not advance enough yet in brow make up, hehehe. Guess I put on too much brow powder/eyeshadow on my brow.

Pros :
+ Natural result
+ Easy to use
+ No need much time to do your brows (swipe, swipe, done)
+ Last all day

Cons :
– Kinda pricey
– Not easy to get it, must be bought from online shop


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