Review Ecotools Brushes

Vegan friendly, that’s what it’s called for these brushes. I got these face and eyebrushes by Ecotools from local online shop, one is the old version, the rest of the three are the new version.

The first one is Ecotools Blush Brush, it’s the old version, I got this for IDR148.000. The handle is made from bamboo, the colour is creme a bit yellow. Silver ferrule, but not a glossy silver ferrule, because it’s from recycled aluminium. Sturdy, comfortable to hold, the length around 18cm.

The bristles are synthetic, light brown and dark brown color. Soft and quite dense, The shape is tapered so it can be used as bronser brush and highlighter brush other than blush brush. I also use it for powder brush, it such a versatile brush. Eventho it’s a synthetic bristles, but it can pick up a good amount of color of the product.


I got these small brushes in new version. As you can see the ferrule is different, the color is copper brown with Ecotools logo on it.
From left to right :
Eyeshading brush – Angled Liner brush – Concealer brush.


Eyeshading brush is the petit version, it is from 6 piece eyebrushes kit. The length is shorter than 14cm. It is fluffy, but it’s not too soft for eyelids in my opinion, I use it as blending brush and it feels a bit harsh on my skin, but if I use it for nose contouring or  other part on my face instead of eye area it’s fine. I got this for IDR38.000.

Angled Liner brush, the bristles are thin enough to be used as an eyeliner brush, it is soft, not flimsy, and it has 18cm long from bristles to handle. The price is IDR48.000. I also use it as an eyebrow brush, it can pick up a good amount of pigments and able to give a vivid color without swiping too much/again and again on eyebrows.

Concealer brush, this one is cost me about IDR28.000, the cheapest among the others. This one is soft, synthetic bristles. I usually use it for concealer, but recently I find it does a great job too as an eyeshader brush, I can use it to put dark and pigmented eyeshadow on the outer corner of my eyes 🙂

Also, I got this 6 piece brush kit pouch for IDR18.000, it’s the new version, I think the length is around 20cm. I use it for keeping my ticket and ID Card when I’m travelling.



The last one is Ecotools 6 piece eyebrush set pouch for IDR18.000, it is sooo small, so I use it to store my samples products like this:


That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

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