Review Lipsmacker Coca Cola Lipgloss

Hello, this review is about lipgloss with cute packaging. This product is from Lipsmacker. I got this in Coca Cola version. I bought it from local online shop for about IDR 38k. This is how it looks.


The wand is too long so I need to push it while closing the cap after using it. It feels a bit weird, never found this style of lipgloss concept before, but me no likey.


The smell is remind me of cola candy. Smells yummy, the color of it is glossy brown just like cola, but when blended it became transparent with glitter, unfortunately I don’t like glitter on lip product, so I’m not gonna repurchase this. The texture is not too sticky, easy to blend, and moisturizing, actually it such a nice texture.



When I read the box, it is written that this lipgloss is for a kid (T^T), ouwh…
Well, I can put this package of lipgloss on my used make up & cute make up package collection (^_^).

Pros :
+ Cute packaging
+ Nice smell
+ Not sticky texture
+ Moisturizing
+ Light weight feeling
+ Affordable price

Cons :
– Contains glitter
– Unproper length of the wand
– FOR A KID!!!

That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

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