Review Skin 79 Orange Vital Plus BB Cream

Annyeong~ I’m gonna do a review about BB Cream by Skin 79 Orange Vital Plus. This is a Korean brand. This one has highest SPF among all of the series (as I knew). This one has SPF 50.



I bought the sample size, the color is one shade lighter than my skin tone, makes my face looks brighter, but if you’re a bit tan,medium or medium deep or darker skin tone, the color will looks a bit ashy.
Coverage is sheer to medium.
Oil control is average if it’s not set with powder, around 2 hours my nose area already oily but not overwhelming.
Staying power, quite long when I use it with powder, after sweating here and there and all that, it starts to fade little by little until more than 6 hours.
No smell. Not sticky, absorbed fast by the skin.
Price, expensive or not depends for every people, as I knew the full size is more than IDR 100.000 but not more than IDR 200.000 for around 30ml.

Pros :
+ Brightening effect
+ High Sun Protection Formula (SPF 50)
+ No sticky feeling
+ No smell
+ Last quite long, especially if I set it with powder

Cons :
– Could be ashy for medium or darker skin tone
– Only one shade available
– Should bought it via online

That’s all for my review. Hope you guys find it usefull.
Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

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