Basic Face Brushes

Hey guys, sorry I’ve been on hiatus quite long. Been busy and all that. Now I’m gonna do a guide of starter makeup kit for beginner. Let’s start.


First I’m gonna share with you one of the basic of Face Brushes (Masami Shouko), and that brush is Foundation Brush (you can also use it for bb cream,cc cream, creamy foundation or even primer). The pointed tip makes it easy to use on the hard-to-reach area such as around the eyes, nose, and mouth.

You can also use classic foundation brush like this but sometimes it’s a bit hard for beginner to use it as it often leaves a line on the face when you swipe it, but most of make up artist love to use this brush when they’re doing their job, the trick is put the bristles of this brush towards your face, imagine when you are painting a wall, move the brush like you’re gonna paint a wall, and that’s exactly what you need to do with this brush.


Concealer Brush (Masami Shouko). Use it to apply creamy or liquid concealer from a jar, pan, or tube. For stick concealer you can apply the concealer directly on to the target area and then blend with your finger.

Powder brush. This brush (Sigma F84) is usually used for compact powder or two way cake. Sometimes when you use the sponge to apply compact powder type, it ends with uneven coverage and cakey. This soft and dense brush helps you to create a smooth and flawless look. Powder usually also used as a setting powder to set the foundation and makes it last longer.

Blush Brush, if you use cream blush, you can just use your fingers and pat it on your cheeks, but if the cream blush is so pigmented, you can use stippling brush/duo fibre brush. If you use powder blush, you might need a blush brush like Ecotools Deluxe Blush Brush to apply and blend it upwards. This kind of blush brush is quite ideal, just tap this brush onto the pan of the powder blush, and then dab the bristles on your cheeks, and because of its tapered shape, you can also use this for applying bronzer for contouring purpose.

This shape might be not quite ideal for buffing to blend the product, so you might want to use this kind of brush, a buffing brush by Real Techniques. The shape of the brush makes it easy for buffing off and blend the product.


Highlighter/Contouring Brush (Real Techniques). This is optional, but if you want to contour your face and highlight some of the features on your face, you can use this brush, not too dense and not too flimsy. The size is also kind of smaller than other face brushes, so it is ideal for cheekbones and hollow of the cheek.


And that’s the basic face brushes. Hope you guys find it useful, thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

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