Wet and Wild Eyeshadow

Happy new year everyone!!! Eventho it’s kinda late but it’s better late than never, right?? hahahaha.
Okay, now I’m gonna do a review about makeup again, makeup deco. This brand called Wet and Wild, this one is american brand. I picked up the eyeshadow ummm… not quad because it contains 8 pans, dunno what to call it, hahaha *sorry*.

This eyeshadow contains 4 neutral shades, and 4 green shades, umm actually only 1 pan that is green, I’m gonna show you that on the swatch. This palette named Comfort Zone. I got this on hypermarket named Carrefour ITC Kuningan for IDR 149.000.
This is what it looks like.


It is a matte, shimmery and satin eyeshadow, with sponge applicator and brush on the other side, dual ended.


This is the applicator, I dont use it though, I prefer using my own eyeshadow brush, hehehe…


Now, the swatch, I swipe it based on the place of the color in a pan. As you can see, it has satin and shimmery finish.


Let’s take a look closer. Number 1 is a light beige color. Number 2 is a yellow gold color. Number 3 is a gold-ish taupe color. These three are satin finished colors. Number 4 is a dark brown black matte color, I usually use it for eyeliner.

Move the other side, number 5 is a silverish beige, type of a highlight color, just like number 1, satin finished. Number 6 is a lime green color, I haven’t use it when I go out, I’m not confident enough to use this color, hahaha. This is also satin finished.
Number 7 is a black shimmery color, with chunky glitters (I’m not a big fan of chunky glitters).
Number 8 is a…umm… I don’t know how to describe this color. I think it’s a satiny brown-ish peacock color, well, just look at the picture okay? Hahahaha #slapped.


The texture feels so buttery, especially the dark colors, and the darker the color, the better its pigmentation. I only need one swipe for swatch of the dark colors, and I need a few more swipes for the lighter colors. But it also tends to have fall out on my undereye area, just like NYX single eyeshadow, so you better tap it off first before put it on your lid.

No smell, no alergic reaction, it suits my skin (^_^)b
Staying power is awesome, I mean the dark colors, it last longer than the lighter colors. Once I use it for about 12 hours without primer, and it last all day, well, just fading a little bit.


I swipe the inner corner quite much that day, and I also a bit trying to wipe it off with tissue because my friend told me that the color is too shiny for daytime (T^T), she breaks my confident that time right away, and makes me forgot that I’m about to do a review about this product. *Thanks a lot sist*…
As you can see, it’s still there even after 12 hours of usage, through sweat and tears #halah #wtf

My friend also have this eyeshadow in other color. The palette named Blue Had Me At Hello, if I’m not mistaken. Here’s the pict. 3 similar silver color and 3 similar black color. I really love the peacock and navy blue colors, so pretty!!! But unfortunately I cannot buy those two colors only, no refill… *sobs* (T^T)


+ Awesome staying power
+ Good pigmentation
+ Affordable price for an eight type of colors
+ No allergic reaction
+ Feels buttery and smooth

– Fall out
– The texture is bit hard for lighter colors
– Lighter colors not as pigmented as the darker colors

That’s my review for this product. Hope you guys find it usefull.
Thanks for reading. (^_^)/
Reynata M.S.


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