The Body Shop Eau De Toilette Japanese Cherry Blossom

Hello hello~ review for this post is gonna be a perfume. Well, it’s Eau De Toilette actually, hahahaha… It’s from UK brand named The Body Shop. I got this in Japanese Cherry Blossom. This is how it looks like.


Clear glass packaging, with silver sprayer and cap. Net weight 50ml (1.69 US FL OZ). It can be use until 36 months of usage.

The smell is kind of sweet and soft, and getting softer when the scent starts to fade. I use it from 6pm, at 11.30pm the smell is still noticeable but softer. After that I slept over night and wake up around 6am, when I’m sniffing my clothes I know that the scent is still remains eventhough not so noticeable anymore.

So, the staying power of scent is around 12 hours only, after that you need to spray it again, for “touch up”.

Well, I use it on my room only and I did a bit sweating also. I haven’t tried if I use it outdoor, through the wind and rain, winding road, gone with the wind #halahh

Sorry I’m being crazy right now, hahaha…
Okay, that’s my opinion about this EDT.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

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