Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Balm Stain

It’s been a long time since the first time I want to have this crayon-look-a-like lip color. This shade is quite popular so it’s a bit hard to be found on the store. When I’m on a holiday with my friend in another city, I found this shade on the store, so I grab this immediately. This shade is Honey Douce, I bought it for IDR 80k. This is how it looks like:


If you wonder how long the content, I’ll show you.


Basicly, you only need to twist the bottom/silver part just like when you’re using lipstik, but this one have unique style of packaging, looks like crayon.

The texture is soft, have a satiny finish and minty sensation a little, remind me of mint candy. When first applied, it looks pink mauve nude color.



I usually swipe it more than 1 layer, so the stain became a bit bright on me.
The color of the stain looks similar to this, reddish pink, brighter then when I first apply it. Staying power quite long for the stain, around 6 hours it’s still there eventho a bit faded already.


I think the darker the color have the better pigmentation and staying power.
Hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

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