Coastal Scents Palettes

Coastal Scents, this brand famous for their palettes and brushes. They are affordable and have a good quality for beginner in make up who wants to have a palette or brush sets.

About a month ago, I got some of their palettes after 1 and half months waiting (Pre Order across nations). I bought the 6 contour blush palette (6 highlight, contour, & blush shades), 32 lip palette 32 lip colors, and camo quad concealer in medium.

You can check it on their website


6 Contour Blush Palette

“Get cheeky! Create perfect cheekbones, definition and warmth with six oversized matte shades providing contouring, highlighting and bronzing. Mix and blend, having fun while accenting your cheekbone structure and bronzing for that instant and much-envied ‘just-returned-from-the-beach-look’!”

I’m gonna do a review on 6 contour blush palette first. This palette contains of 3 shades of highlighter (white, creme, peach), 1 shade of bronzer (dark brown), and 2 shades of blusher (bright pink, darker pink), and it’s all MATTE. For you matt(e) lovers, you’re gonna love this.


The packaging is a black doff type of case, plastic, quite solid and thin so it doesn’t take a lot of space when it stored. Made in China, Net Wt. 81gr/2.85oz. So, it means 13.5gr each. Yes, it is quite big, kinda shock when I first saw these, hahaha~

Now, moving on to the swatch:


Here’s the swatch, the colors are pigmented with only one swipe. After blend it all out by wiping it off with tissue, I found that bold colors have a better pigmentation and staying power, the lighter shades easily gone.

When I use the blush, I only need a bit to do my cheeks. At first, I applied it a bit too much, I suggest you to use a fluffy and not too dense blush brush, otherwise you will look like a clown.
Staying power is soooo crazy, I need to use makeup remover to remove the blush!!
Kinda creepy, but I like to use it as an eyeshadow also. You can build it up from soft light pink to bold bright pink.

The contour shade is quite dark, if you are light to medium skintone, use it lightly, otherwise you can ended up look muddy.

Like many people said, 2 of the highlighter shade (creme and peach) not really showed up on light to medium skintone. So, i also use the white color for highlighting.
But I use the peach and creme color for eyeshadow to brighten up my eyelids. Sometimes I also use the creme color to set my undereye concealer.

Overall, this palette is great, recomended. I’m so happy to have this on my makeup deco family. Also, this is all in one face makeup decorative product. Blusher, contour, and highlighter on the go. You can do a complete face makeup with this palette when you are travelling. No need to bring a separate products, helps you to organize aswell.

This is the ingredients:


32 Lip palette. 32 lip colors.

“Live, laugh and love with lovely lips!
Whatever your coloring, fashion or mood, enjoy thirty-two long-lasting lip shades in one palette to achieve lip color bliss. From sheer and shiny to neutral and natural or dramatically bold, this lip palette sleekly houses a color range perfect for custom blending to achieve that ideal shade. Think of it as your one-stop-shop for endless lovely lips!”


This lip palette contains of 32 colors mix of sheer and shiny to neutral and natural or bold. Has a creamy texture, easy to blend, but it does transfer and easily gone just like any other lipstick if you’re eating or drinking or licking your lips. Before apply this lip color, I suggest you to put on your lip balm first because it’s a bit drying to lips.

The packaging is a black doff type of case, plastic, quite solid and thin so it doesn’t take a lot of space when it stored. Made in China, Net Wt. 21.4gr/0.75oz. So, it means 0.6gr each. Kinda small comparing to normal size of 4gr lipstick, but hey, you got a 32 colors.

Here’s the ingredients:


Here’s the swatch:


I use the most:
1 bc
2 a
3 bcd
4 d
7 ab
8 ab

I love the creme color as a base and neutralize my lip color for a more vivid result. And then the light pink and fuschia able to make an ombre lips. The brown-ish nude colors to make a nude look. When I tried to use the purple colors, it reminds me to Nicky Minaj, hahaha~
Don’t know somehow purple-ish tone color make my face looks pale.


I use 1B as a base color, and then I put 3B on top of it all over the lips, and last I use 3D on the inner part of my lips to create an ombre/gradation effect.

Camo quad in Medium.

Here’s the look:


Here’s the ingredients:


The packaging is a black doff type of case, with clear plastic cap, quite solid and thin so it doesn’t take a lot of space when it stored. Made in China, Net Wt. 12.5gr/0.44oz. So, it means 3.1gr each.

The swatch:


This quad concealer in Medium have a creamy texture and powdery finish. Have a sheer to medium coverage. I prefer to use it as an undereye concealer rather than blemish concealer because it doesn’t really cover the blemishes. Staying power so-so, it starts to fade after around 4 hours, and my blemishes start to pop-up again.

Sometimes I use the white part for highlight my nose bridge, but the darkest color must be blended with the medium color for covering blemishes. I use the light beige and medium color for undereye area.

That’s all for my review about these palettes. Hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

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