My skin care and cleansing routine.

Hello everyone, been a few weeks since my last post. I’ve been thinking about skin care and cleansing routine, everyone have their own style of doing this, but today I’m gonna post about my skin care and cleansing routine especially after using makeup.

Okay, let’s start…

First, in the morning after washing my face with face wash, I use toner moisturizer by Hada Labo for dry skin as a starter and prep my skin. After that, I put on Holika Holika Aloe Gel moisturizer. After the gel has absorbed, I use Natur E cream moisturizer. I use double moisturizer because my skin is a dry-combo. I read somewhere that for dry skin, better be using a gel moisturizer first before cream to get a maximum effect. After all of it has absorbed by the skin, I use Skin Aqua sunscreen to protect my skin from harmful UV rays and reduce premature aging. And then, I use Cussons deodorant, on my underarm area, not on ma face yow…

After this remedy has completed, I’m continuing put my makeup on.



update: Now I also use this eye serum on my daily skincare routine. I bought it online, a special package (I forgot the name), from a Korean brand named The Saem. It’s quite huge for an eye serum, 30ml/around 1.01 fl. oz.
My last eye cream only 12ml and 9ml.

At the end of the day, before take a bath, I cleanse my face first. Usually it started with makeup remover, I’m using Loreal. I remove my eye&lip makeup first, and then I start to cleanse my face with milk cleanser by Viva (spirulina edition), after that I’m using Pond’s 2in1 cleanser (shake and clean if I’m not mistaken), and last, I use Viva spirulina toner. Done with all of those things, moving on to the bath room, and then I wash my face with HadaLabo Goku face wash.


Before I go to bed, I usually put on anti aging toner, anti aging lotion, lipbalm and acne gel on my pimples. I usually also use eyecream but this time I’m running out of it and haven’t found my Holy Grail eyecream yet, so, gotta hunt for it.


Now that my Hadalabo Emulsion is done, I use this Olay age protect as my night cream.


Sometimes the weather feels so hot, so before I go to bed, I pour some body powder on my body especially my back. After that I use body lotion to moisturize my skin during sleep and prevent/reduce dryness.


And that completes my everyday routine.
What’s yours? tell me by comment down below.
Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

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