Revlon Lash Potion mascara

Hello… Got new mascara lately, honestly I’m not a mascara girl, I only have one at one time usually, but because my Estee Lauder double wear almost done, i decided to get another mascara, and I’m quite curious about this one, and I’ve never tried any kind of Revlon’s mascara before.

I got this Lash Potion mascara shade 003 blackened Brown from Grow Luscious line with 10ml of product. on Sogo for IDR90,000.  I’m interested by the color of the packaging also (actually), lol.. #plak
Okay, let’s start. Here’s the look :


“Waterproof volume & length mascara. The formula with strengthening proteins, amino acids and essential vitamins, revitalizes lashes. The illusionist Wand drenches lashes for dramatic volume and combs through lashes for clump free length”.

“Spell-binding volume & length. Waterproof volume & length mascara”.


Big Wand!!! I know… it’s a bit hard to use it at first before I get used to it. I can’t get enough mascara on my lashes, I have to swipe it more than two coats until my lashes looks curled and longer, and kinda hard to use it on my lower lashes. It doesn’t give volume, only gives length to my lashes, but it holds the curl quite well.

I kinda hate it at first, but after that I began to like it because of its natural result for daily look.
When I try to test the waterproof formula, it does waterproof, but I only pour water on my face without scrubbing my eyes.


It doesn’t smudge and no fall out on me when I use it more than 6 hours, and the most important thing is it doesn’t feel heavy or dry or uneasy on my eyes. I kinda like it now, hahaha…

10ml is enough to be last until 1 year I guess (I usually use mascara more than 6 months).

Pros :
+ Affordable price
+ Easy to find on stores
+ Waterproof & smudgeproof
+ Light feeling on lashes
+ Holds curl
+ Lengthening

Cons :
– Doesn’t give volume
– Huge wand

and that’s my quick express review about this mascara. Hope you guys find it usefull. Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.


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