Revlon Matte Balm

Bright lips brighten up my day, hehehe… that’s what I usually did when I’m in a bad day, I put a bright makeup on my face, usually I use lip color. Today I want to share my opinion about a lip color named Revlon with their new series Matte Balm.

I bought it at Sogo Central Park IDR 88k each, eventho not all of the colors are available, but these two shades are available, I got the shade Audacious and Complex. This is what it looks like:



Texture is soft and crayon-ish, hahaha sorry for word, it glides on easily on my lips, but neither too creamy nor too dry/tugging the skin. For audacious, color payoff is great, pigmented, fresh coral-ish dark orange. I usually blend it with my finger after it’s applied.


For the shade Complex, the color payoff is not as good as the brighter color. I thought it would be able being a lip concealer, but I was wrong, it doesn’t cover my pigmented lips well, it feels keep on moving and just sit on top of my lips, and it also has a tendency of set into fine lines, eventho not as horrible as NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream. Kinda dissapointed.

It has a minty scent, but not too strong, just like the Balm Stain series. Talking about stain, this matte balm doesn’t really left a stain on my lips. Usually after doing a several touch up using balm stain, it leaves a reddish pink stain on my lips, but not with this matte balm, matte balm also easier to fade, so I think you need to bring your matte balm in your purse for touch up since it doesn’t leave a stain.

But this matte balm doesn’t really clump on lips when I applied it for touch up, except if your lips are so dry. This is not drying out my lips that much, but it doesn’t moisturize either, so, use lipbalm in prior.

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That’s the end of my review, hope you guys find it usefull, thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

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