Angled Brushes : Sigma F84, Coastal Scents & E.L.F Angled Blush Brush

Nowadays, so many types of brushes are coming out every year. Some of the favourite face brushes are powder brush, foundation brush, and blush brush.
There’s so many types of brush out there, tapered, flat, round & fluffy, or angled.
Now I’m gonna do a short review about angled brushes, I don’t have this kind of brush that much, but I think 3 is enough for comparison, and these are American brand.

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Source :

First, it’s Sigma F84. It’s quite big, sturdy material, black glossy handle with silver ferrule, kinda heavy. The bristles are so densely packed and super soft, not pricky, two tone color synthetic bristles. I love to use it as foundation brush/bb cream, powder brush, or blush brush, but personally I don’t really like to use it for contour/highlight, makes me put too much product on my face (or is it just me?,lol).
Already washed it million times but no shed appear. I bought this online for about IDR 250K (less or more) or around USD24 back in the end of the year 2012.

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Source :

In 2014 I decided to get some of angled brushes again but with less dense bristles. First, I got my hand on e.l.f angled blush brush. I got this online for IDR 70K or around USD6 more. It is small, feels a bit plasticky as usual but not as pricky as the stipple brush. Good for highlight and contour.
It’a black matte doff handle with glossy black ferrule, and full black synthetic bristles. Don’t know why but my e.l.f brushes always tend to get wobbly between the handle and ferrule after several months of use. So, I need to push the handle into the ferrule each time it happens. Other than that, the bristles still works well and only have a tiny amount of shed. But this one is still new so it’s still sturdy.

Source :

Source :

One day I decided to purchase another angled blush brush and it’s from Coastal Scents from their Elite line. Bamboo handle (vegan all the way), black doff ferrule, with full white synthetic bristles. Some people said this is a dupe for Sigma F40. This brush also feels so sturdy, just like Sigma but lighter. I got this online for IDR 80K or around USD7 more. I use this for applying blush, contour, highlight, and also setting powder. Such a multitask brush with affordable pricetag.

Here’s the look of them:

Angled Brushes

That’s all for my short & express review, I hope you guys find it usefull.
Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.


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