Loreal Color Riche Lipstick review

Good afternoon everyone. I’d just finished reading my book about marriage story, it’s a good story, and I learn quite much from it. This is the book I read.


Well, it’s not about the book that I’m about to review, hehehe. I’ll be reviewing about Loreal lipsticks from their Color Riche line. The story begin when I’m hanging out in a mall, I went through Guardian drugstore, and it was on sale, I mean add IDR 1.000 I can get 2 lipsticks (how can I resist?). One lipstick cost me about IDR 108.000 or around $10, add IDR 1.000, it’s IDR 109.000 for 2 lipsticks.

Here’s the look :


It has a gold-like packaging color with sticker in its cap and Loreal emboss in the middle part.

The appearance inside:


The shape is looks like regular type of lipstick, pointy, have a carved Loreal on the side of it, remind me to Sariayu lipstick. I got these babies on the shade 377 Perfect Red and 375 Deep Raspberry. Here’s the swatch :


Perfect Red is an orangey red color, and Deep Raspberry is a pinkish berry color. It has a satiny finished. It feels so creamy, and it doesn’t drying out my lips too much, easy to blend, and it’s quite able to cover a dark pigmented lips like mine. Watch the photo down below. Bear with it okay?


As you can see on the picture that these two colors have an almost similar look on the lips, but I found that Perfect Red has a glossier finish rather than Deep Raspberry one. Both have a nice staying power (as long as I’m not eating something that so oily). It’s kinda have a smell, remind me to my mom’s lipstick base many decades ago, the color of the packaging is white, the product itself is white to creme color, and the smell is similar with Loreal Color Riche. Maybe that’s why this lipstick feels a bit moisturizing.


I can also use this for ombre look, just add a nude color on the outer part of the lips and blend. Or after wearing a soft color, use these darker and pigmented color on the inner part of the lips and blend.

Okay, that’s all for my review. I hope you guys find it usefull. Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

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