Blender Sponges (Beauty Blender, Real Techniques, Masami Shouko, Choosmile Tammia)

Hey hey, hello everyone. Happy Ied Mubarak 1435H. Selamat Hari Raya Idul Fitri, minal aidzin wal faidzin, mohon maaf lahir dan batin.

In this holy holiday #tsaahh I’d like to post something about makeup tools that able to help us create a holy face #PardonMe #IgnoreIt. I mean a flawless face.
I’ve tried some of these blenders, I mean blender sponge that similar with beauty blender. So many of them right now, and these are some from them, looks similar but they do have their own style.
What I got here are Beauty Blender, Real Techniques, Masami Shouko, and Choosmile Tammia.


First, I got my hand on Beauty Blender from online shop for about IDR 188k or around $18-19. This little fella is definitely a worth to try and worth buying product.


Sorry, just kidding, hehehe, this is the real one.


Beauty Blender, so many beauty gurus rave it. The truth is, it is so wonderful. To be honest, at first I’m a bit skeptical about this sponge. When I decided to try it, I’m completely amazed with the result. I tried to use this BB with my Revlon photoready mousse foundation which I often gain cakeyness recently when using it, surprisingly this sponge able to sheer it out but doesn’t make the foundation lose its coverage, and I use the sponge when it’s dry.

Texture, very bouncy, the bounciest among the 4. Very tiny but easy to grow up when it gets wet. Easy to remove the soap residue after being washed.


Next is Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge by Samantha Chapman “Pixiwoo”. Like I told you before, I got a sudden obssession with this kind of sponge. I wanna know the difference between them. I got this online from preorderbymimo on Instagram for about IDR 130k or around $13.

RT sponge also able to sheer out the foundation without loosing its coverage and give smooth skin’s surface finished.

The texture is 2nd bounciest among the 4. When it gets wet, it looks and feel a bit eeewww, the shape looks mushy, so I don’t like to use it damped, I prefer when it’s dry. Also, this one is easy to remove the soap residue after being washed.


Next, is Masami Shouko. When I’m hanging out with my friend on Tunjungan Plaza Surabaya, I found Kay Collection store next to Guardian around Hero supermarket. When I look around, I found this sponge, and I decided to try it out (and because I’m started to obsessed). I got this for IDR 88.900 or around $8.9.

Just like the two previous sponges, MS also able to create a smooth and flawless skin look even when I use it dry.
Texture, it’s the third bounciest among the 4, it has a similar look with Beauty Blender when it’s wet, the difference is just the shape and the bouncyness. It’s also easy to remove the soap residue and of course the stain from makeup because of its color (black).


This one is my least favourite, it’s Choosmile Tammia. I got this when I’m tracing in Guardian drugstore on Galaxy Mall Surabaya. I got this around IDR 89.900 or around $9, Masami is IDR10.000 cheaper than this one.

Actually, this CT have rhe same ability just like the other 3 blender sponges, BUT the texture is a bit hard, I mean almost 180° from bouncy. Makes it hard to squeeze it when I wash it, when it gets wet, it turn out to be soooooooo HUGE!! OMG I’m a bit shock when I first saw it. It also a bit hard to remove the stain of makeup, I don’t know if it’s because of its light color or because of the surface’s texture/type. It’s also hard to remove the soap residue, makes me spend lots of water, and the water feels stuck inside the sponge, and my hands get tired because of this almost never ending squeeze exercise. The point is, this sponge a bit hard to maintain.

As you can see below, Masami already turn into its original size, but Choosmile still looks big, and it needs around 1 week or more to get back into its original size.


Which one you prefer the most? Hope you find this post usefull and you can find your best match.
Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

2 thoughts on “Blender Sponges (Beauty Blender, Real Techniques, Masami Shouko, Choosmile Tammia)

  1. Aaakk infonya bermanfaat banget! 😀

    Lagi dilema nih mau RT atau Masami atau Armando Caruso. Kira2 Masami sm Armando Caruso mirip ga yah? Harganya 11-12 soalnya. Cuma Armando bentuknya egg shape kyk Beauty Blender..

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

    1. Hai nindy, makasi ya udah mampir, aku belum coba yang armando caruso blender spongenya. Bahkan belum pernah lihat, hahaha… item baru kali ya.
      Kalo kuasnya sih lumayan bagus, jadi sepertinya spongenya kurasa teksturnya ga parah2 bgt kayak blender sponge tammia (oooppss, maaf tammia)

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