Bio Oil

Hello everyone, gosh I rewrite this review again because I lost it when I upload it and it’s gone because of the bad internet connection *sobs*.

Okay, let’s jump to the main topic. I will be reviewing Bio Oil that I bought and used around 1 month. I got this from online shop on Instagram for IDR 190k or around $19. This is the appearance:


It has a white plastic on the cap and transparent plastic on the body part with logo and stuffs. You can see the product through, and the color of bio oil is orange, but when you apply it on the skin, it’s colorless.


The size is as tall as lipstick but broader. It’s light weight because the material is from plastic instead of glass, but still, it’s a bit bulky for travel. This one is the small size, 2 fl. oz or around 60ml.


I use it on my face and body. On my face, it does a great job as moisturizer but for scars and uneven skintone, doesn’t work for me. Absorbed rapidly… umm, no it’s not. For me, it takes all night to be completely absorbed by the skin (on the face), sad to say that I cannot use this moisturizer as a skincare routine before I put my makeup on.

On body, I use it on the area that has a stretch mark. The stretchmarks decrease bit by bit, that’s a good thing.


These are the ingredients, mineral oil on the top row. If you allergic to mineral oil, then this is definitely not for you. I know some of you out there have a type of skin that sensitive to mineral oil.


Front and rear view:


That’s all for my quick express review about bio oil, I hope you guys find it usefull. Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

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