Skin 79 Intense Classic Balm Review

Hello November…
It’s already towards the end of the year of 2014. Time flies so fast. Anyway anyhoo, I want to post some of makeup reviews again. It’s being postponed quite a long time, hahaha, sorry for that.
This one is a makeup base, a BB Cream from South Korea called Skin79 Intense Classic Balm.


I got this bb cream when I’m attending a show with my friend, around November 2013. Omgee!! It’s been a year since I got this thing!! Sorry guys, hehehe… and I give the correct answer from the trivia quiz and this bb cream is the gift. Fufufu~ (^_^)v

The size is quite much, 43.5g in a doff elastic plastic tube, +10g from the average bb cream size which is usually around 30g. I don’t know the price because it’s a gift, but you may check it on a local online shop’s web in your city or in the Skin79 official offline store in a mall or something.

Swirl the cap to open it up, and it has a quite pointy edge and it helps to dispense the product quantity we want much easier, eventho the product sometimes also come out by itself before I squeeze the tube, in my opinion, that’s because of the edge is not really pointy and sharp, but it’s still better than the flat hole at the neck of the tube.


It has a tendency to liquidy texture rather tha cream, quite runny. The color is a light beige color, a bit brighter than my skintone, but I can use bronzer or powder that match my skintone.
Matte finish. Sheer to medium coverage.


After 5 hours, I get oily around my nose and above the brows. Might need a little touch up on those area. Well, I have a dry-combo skin type. I also set it with powder. It’s quite normal for me if it gets a bit shiny after 5 hours (human’s face always produce oil, but in a proper amount).



Overall, this product is quite good on me, not so disappointing, compare to the Hot Pink, Oriental Gold, and the Snail one, I prefer this one (and Vital Orange which I really like).

Pros :
+ Liquidy texture and easy to blend
+ Good for daily use because of its sheer to medium coverage
+ Quite huge amount, 43.5g
+ Easy to open the cap and dispense the product
+ Staying power & oil control not too bad

Cons :
– Skin79 always only have 1 shade for every type of their bb cream (correct me if I’m wrong)
– The store not always available nearby the place we live.
– Price may vary, depends on where you get it (offline store, or via online shop)

Yeap, that’s the quick review. Hope you guys find it useful. Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.


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