Etude House CC Cream Silky

안녕 하세요 everyone… recently I bought Etude House CC Cream after thinking whether I should try it or not since a long time ago, and finally I bought it from @beautyglowing on Instagram for about IDR 150k if I’m not mistaken.


I bought the Silky version, I’ve tried the Glow version and I don’t really like it, so I decided to try this one. White plastic packaging and pump tube, simple yet chic, neat and clean. Also it’s easy to dispense the product with the right amount because of the pump.


It does brighten up the skin, the color capsules actually not quite fast adjusting with the skintone, but it’s still blendable.



At first I thought it’s drying out my skin, because it looks dry on my face. That’s before I touch my face. When I touch it, it feels quite moist, which is a good thing (^_^)b. After a while and blend with my skin, it doesn’t look that dry.


Coverage, it’s soooo minimum, it is more to the brightening rather than covering.
Staying power, last quite long if I’m not too much sweating. It is also feels easy to remove because it has a thin coverage. BB cream or foundation usually harder to remove because the color and coverage is heavier (in my opinion).


Overall this product is wearable for everyday use, not really awesome product but not that horrible also.

That’s all for my review, thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.

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