Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence

Hello everyone… been on hiatus for quite a long time. Right now I’m back with a review about Korean Skincare called Secret Key Starting Treatment Essence. I bought it around the end of December 2014 on Instagram @beautyglowing for IDR 190K. I’ve been using this around 2 months.



This is the ingredients, I think the arbutin helps my acne scars to fade, and galactomyces helps my skin regenerates better. It has a light scent, which I really like. I have dry acne prone skin, but it doesn’t break me out.


It’s in a doff glass-like bottle, quite heavy but sturdy. Swilr silver cap. I quite like it, but the downside is it’s not easy to carry on a purse when travelling. I pour it into a smaller bottle when I’m travelling.


Well it doesn’t work that fast, it needs time to see the result except if you already have a flawless skin (^_^)


Overall I love this product. Will I purchase this again? Yes!!

Thank you for reading.
Reynata M.S.


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