Loreal Base Magique Primer dan Lucent Magique Blush

Hello, here we go again with review products.

I bought the Loreal Base Magique primer and Blush in blushing kiss. Base primer is retailed around 15 UD dollars or around IDR 150-160k. Lucent magique blush in Blushing Kiss is retailed around IDR 139k/13 US dollars.


Base magique packed in a glass jar, tiny, but a bit heavy because of the glass material. While the blush packed in a solid plastic with glossy gold looking on the upper part with black matte case on the lower part.


The primer have a quite thick texture, but still easy to blend, cover big pores well, and goes well with liquid or powder product on top of it. Sometimes I use it as an eyeshadow base also, and it works well.


The blush itself contains 3 colors, golden pink, light pink, and dark/deep pink (let me know how to call it, because I’ve never heard deep pink/dark pink before, hahaha). I think it is designed for 3 in 1 purpose. Highlight, blush, and contour.
You only need to swipe left to right or the other way around, me just did it back and forth, and then pat it on your cheeks, and voila, you did those 3 routine all at once. It’s not powdery, a bit hard in my opinion, I have to swipe it a few times to pick up enough amount of product, some other blushes only need to tap on it and the pigments already on the bristles of the brush.


Staying power is quite impressive especially for the blush, it last until more than 10 hours eventho it’s already fading away, but I still can see some hint on my cheeks.


Overall, I love these products. But if only the primer in a tube with fliptop packaging, and 30ml or 50ml or even 100ml size with the same price as the 15ml one, nyahahaha~ #slapped

That’s all for my review. I hope this review is quite helpful for you guys.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

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