Oriflame Love Nature Series & Tender Care

Hello everyone, it’s been quite a long time since my last review. Now I’m gonna do a review about product from a brand I’ve never tried before. Well, my friend s a downline for this business of this brand, and I’d like to try some of the products, but don’t know why I kinda prefer their skincare line rather than their makeup line. Okay, let’s start!


This is some of the skin care products (some more products coming up). Mostly from the Love Nature line. I’ve tried it out, some of it actually (I’d just realized that I haven’t tried the tender care rose, hahaha), and here’ s my thoughts on them.


First thing first, let’s start with the face cleanser. It is from Love Nature line in Grape. I got this as a birthday gift from my bestfriend (thank you so much dear, muach, xoxo). The normal price of this product I believe around IDR 75K or around 7 US dollars. 125ml.

It smells good, fresh, and not overwhelming. The texture, a bit looks like gel to me. It contains beads, it is a scrubby type face cleanser, exfoliating cleanser, for you with sensitive skin, you might have to be a bit careful when apply it on your skin, do not rub it to harsh because I find that the beads is quite scratchy. I have to rub it gently on my palm first, and then apply it on my face and start to do the cleansing routine.


Next is eyecream also from Love Nature line in Grape, and also a birthday gift and also around IDR 49k/4 US dollars I believe. 15ml.

This is also smells fresh and not overwhelming, texture is light cream type of thing, absorb quite fast on skin, but somehow it feels not quite moisturizing for my undereye. Other than that, it does its job, and packaging wise is really nice, small in a tube, which is hygienic and easy to travel with.


Next is Love Nature from Wild Rose series, it’s a night cream. I bought this around IDR 55K/5 US dollars, 50ml. I bought it with discount price, normal price around IDR 75k/7 US dollars.

This one, kinda have a cooling sensation, like alcohol or mint or menthol to it. Texture is creamy but not that heavy solid creamy type of thing, it’s a bit liquidy cream texture. The smell is smells like rose (of course it’s from Wild Rose series), moisturizing, it does its job. I kinda like it, I also use it as a Day Cream, what I like about night cream is they usually not contain SPF, because I prefer a separate SPF, I prefer SPF from sunscreen while that’s their main job as a sunscreen/sunblock.

If you are not a big fan of fragrance, you might don’t really like it, since it has quite a strong fragrance when you first apply it on your face, the smell will fade away after that, eventually.


Last is Tender Care multi balm. You can use it as a lipbalm, to heal dry parts such as on your heels, knees, elbows, or anywhere else. I usually use it as a lipbalm. It is very moisturizing without any feeling of layering a thick product on my lips. 13ml which is 3 times much more than usual lipbalm amount. I bought this for about IDR 39K/3 US dollars.

I haven’t tried the Vaseline petroleum jelly one, but I think it has a similar purpose with Vaseline, as a multi purpose balm. The texture is lightweight petroleum jelly, no smell, not too greasy as long as you put it on enough amount.

What I dont like about this tender care is the packaging, (all of the tender care series have the same type of packaging, just in different colors), the hole is not quite big, it’s kinda hard to dig into the product without making it get into my nails… gosh, I want to apply the product by the skin on my finger, not from my nail…

I hope and imagine that the packaging would be more horizontally rather than vertically. Maybe it’s being designed for using tools to pick up the product, but unfortunately I do prefer using my finger.

Okay, that’s all for my review. Hope you guys enjoyed it and find it usefull.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S

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