Heynature HeyPop eyebrow pencil

Hello everyone, sorry for being hiatus quite a long time. A few days ago, I attend annual beauty fair called Cosmobeaute 2015. You know what happened there? Madness!! Me and my friends bought so much stuffs. Makeup, skincare, hair tools (my friend bought it).

Okay, now I want to do a review on one of the makeup that I bought on the event. It’s a Korean brand named Hey Nature, I found it somewhere in the middle of the hall, and it’s quite cheap, knowing that it such a handcarry from South Korea and feels like buying it with online shop’s pricetag.

This is an auto eyebrow pencil, I choose no.3 Brown. This cost me around 34k Rupiah or around 2 USD. I bought on promo price, buy 3 for 100k Rupiah, and I bought this together with my friends.

The packaging is quite unique, but unrelated with the name of the brand (hey nature), while the design of the printed picture on the surface of the packaging is musical theme, but the name of this eyebrow pencil is heypop, maybe thats why it has music instrument theme. The color of the packaging is blue, a bit glossy, dual ended. One for the product, the other for the spoolie/brush.


Here’s the spoolie, I really love this spoolie!! I’ve tried Etude House, it’s a bit too soft and not well blending, I’ve tried The Face Shop, it’s well blending but a bit hard and sometimes feels harsh, but this one, mix from those two. Soft and well blending. I really love it!!


This is the product, the shape is just the same with other auto brow pencil, but the texture and performance surprisingly is quite good.
Texture not too hard, quite soft and feels a bit creamy (?) in my opinion, color payoff quite pigmented, easy to blend.


After jogging in the morning and sweat quite a lot, it still remains at the outer corner of the eyebrow, while in the middle section is already gone, hahaha, maybe if I didn’t touch it, the color will still stay there.
I didn’t set it with browcara to see how ut works.


Overall it is worth buying and having, sadly, they don’t have counter here in Indonesia, with the same price they sell in the event I hope, hahaha.

And that’s it for my review, hope you guys find it usefull.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

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