Felinz face mist

Halo… marathon of a review, this is a facial mist named Felinz. Like other thermal water, the packaging also made from a can-like type of packaging, with nonstop sprayer, like a hairspray type of sprayer.

I bought this on cosmobeaute 2015 for about 27k Rupiah or around 1-2 USD. Plus I got the mini size, because it’s in promo. It is cheaper compare to its competitor, let say Avene or any other similar brand.

I do really want to give it  try. The bigger size amount is around 150ml, the small one around 50ml.


At first, I thought the mist would be in small particle, surprise surprise, it is not.
The good thing is, it can reach face from quite far, give a cooling effect, but not that moisturizing.

But the negative thing is, it makes you feels like being sprayed for a surprise or something.



Hmm, what else, I think that’s all.
Thank you so much for reading, hope you guys find it useful.
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Reynata M.S.


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