Beauty Case / Beauty Box Armando Caruso

Hello again, I’m excited to do a review about products that I purchased a few weeks ago on Cosmobeaute 2015. One of them is this pretty beauty case or beauty box for some people might call it that way.
So, here it is…


This one from Armando Caruso, this brand under management of Ayou Beauty.
Sleek black packaging, with satin fuschia accent around the outer border and in the middle. The material itself feels like a combination between plastic, metal, and light steel (?), aloy aluminium maybe, I’m just guessing. Sorry for that, I don’t really know what’s the name of the material.


Inside, we can see that it has some compartement, like a drawer, and quite large space on the bottom part.
When I lift up the compartment, it looks like stairs.


It’s very tempting to store my beauty products here. Fill them up, baby!!


The quality of the product is excellent, and eventho it’s on sale up to 70%, the condition of the products are all in good condition.

What I’m excited the most is because the price, normal pricetag is around 1.350k Rupiah (around 90 USD), but after 70% discount, I only need to pay 405k Rupiah!!! (Around 27 USD)

I can’t miss that opportunity, you should go get it if you found this chance.

That’s all for my review. Detail pictures coming up next, still working on it.

Update :




Thanks for reading, hope you guys find it useful.

Reynata M.S.

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