Masami Shouko, QVS, Armando Caruso, Revlon

Halo halo… so, some months ago I bought these things. Here’s what I thought about it.

The first one is Masami Shouko Small Stipple Brush, I’ve been wanting this since a long long time ago, finally I decided to adopt this from Sogo. Its pricetag is around 128k Rupiah (if I’m not mistaken).

The bristles have two colors, black and white, have a small surface area, I think it meant to be a cream blush brush, or highlighter brush. I use it for those two purposes, but I also use it for liquid foundation or bb cream. I’ve tried to use it for contouring, but it’s a bit hard to blend the bronzer, I prefer a bigger and fluffier brush for contouring.


Here’s the closer look. For foundation, you should work more patiently because of its small size bristles, but the bristles itself is soft and have an appropriate density, not to sparse and not feels too plasticky like E.L.F did.


Now, moving on to the other brush. This one is Retractable “slightly” angled kabuki brush by Armando Caruso. It retails around 165k Rupiah (if I’m not mistaken).

Black Glossy packaging, what I don’t like from the packaging is the inner part of the retractable thing, it’s not that sturdy, makes the application and the brush feels moving not the way I want.

The bristles are synthetic light brown, what I don’t like is the smell of the bristles!! It still there even after quite much washing, the good thing is there’s no shedding, and fluffy type makes it works for bronzer, powder, or powder blush application. Also, because it is small and has a cap on it, it’s very convenient to bring in a purse.


Next is eyelash curler, I’m quite newbie on this one. Used to be, I only try eyelash curler from accecories store. But then I want to try the more expert/advance one. This one is my first expert curler, and because its color is black and doff type, makes me want to try it even more.

It’s QVS, got this on Guardian for around 55k Rupiah. Well, newbie, always try from the cheapest first. It is convenient to use eventho I have to push with quite a bit more pressure to get the curl effect. Feels bouncy and not harsh to the lashes.

After trying this, I want to try the other curler, I decided to get my hands on Koji curler, the pink box one, I think it’s the 73mm, it retails around 109k Rupiah. This one have more instant curl effect without pressing too hard, effortlessly.
Sorry everyone, I realize this one is not listed on the title, but just for camparison (^_^)v.

You can check the Koji curler Here.


The last one is Revlon False Lashes. It retails 175k Rupiah on Sogo.
I decided to get this kit because I’m really newbie to falsies world.
The lashband itself is really elastic and not heavy, the lash band is a bit too long for my eye’s shape, so I trim it a bit on the inner part, because I like the longer part on the outer edge. It is the natural one, the lashes have a proper length, not too long and not too bushy.

Tips : You better draw your eyeliner first to help you put your falsies easier, use the liner as a guide, and to camouflage when you put your falsies not really close to your lashline (^_^)v.

The clip itself is quite useful for holding the lashes while I’m applying glue on it, but not really helpfull to put on falsies, the curve is not suitable with my eye shape. I prefer tweezer or finger.

The glue is what I hate the most. It dries fast but also makes it hard to stick to my eyelid especially when I’m correcting the place of the falsies, the glue don’t wanna stick to my eyelid again!! So I have to start over from the beginning, and wasting my time…


That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it useful, thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

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