Maxfactor Lipfinity Liquid Shade 335 Just In Love

Hello everyone. Today I’m gonna do a review about lip product, it’s a liquid lip color, I know, it’s been a hit lately, I found this and want to try it out how it goes.

As I knew this brand is based in UK, eventhough made in Ireland. This brand is Maxfactor, and what I’m about to review here is their Lipfinity Liquid Lip Color in shade 335 Just in Love. Here’s what it looks like.


It cames in two things, one is the liquid lip color, and the other one is a lip balm.



The applicator is fine, able to reach the edges of my lips, it is quite small in size in my opinion compare to other liquid lip color out there.

The lip balm itself smells a bit waxy, but it is great as a lip balm on its own, moisturize my lips, I kinda like it, but not paired with this liquid lip color.


The lip color itself, I personally don’t really like it. It is liquid-gel-like texture, easy to spread, but once it dries, it dries matte but feels so tight, feels like wearing a dry mask on my lips.

It also get brittle easily, you’re not allowed to press your lips against each other, or the product will start to peeled off and brittle.
Especially if you put in such quite thick layer, disaster will come to you faster.

When I’m applying it in thin layer, it looks better, but you’re still not allowed to press your lips.
I’ve tried to use it in thin layer and then top it off with watery type of lipbalm or tinted lipbalm, it decrease the brittle effect.

The lip balm that comes with, cannot really handle, it makes the product wiped off right away when you swipe the lip balm on top of the liquid lip color.


This is the swatch of the color, such a pretty deep raspberry color kind of thing, but the performance is just so poor.

I’m dissapointed with it, it feels useless, I’m not gonna repurchase this again, and also not recommended.
Better be bought their lipstick (stick form version) rather than this.

That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it useful. Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.


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