Maxfactor Elixir lipstick Swatch and Review

Hello guys, how you doin??
This time is a review about Maxfactor Elixir Lipstick.


Gold packaging, just like the Lipfinity version, but better, in my opinion (hahaha).


The lipstick has an X letter engraved on it.


Ruby Tuesday Swatch.


The shade is Ruby Tuesday, it’s a bright red with a little hint of orange and pink. When it’s fading, the color turns into a Pinkish Berry color.

Texture wise is creamy.
Pigmentation, opaque enough, and buildable.
Staying power is quite long wearing if you didn’t eat oily food.
Have a stain-like-effect after it sets on the lips.

Outdoor lighting :


Indoor Lighting :




Scarlet Ghost belongs to my friend, it’s a Burgundy Red, but when it’s fading, it turn out to be a Berry color.

One day I got myself some new colours from this line, it is Cherry Kiss, Bewitching Coral, and Maroon Dust.



The stain :


This is the swatch between Ruby Tuesday and Cherry Kiss, they’re kinda look similar though. I ended up have two similar colors… *sobs*, but it’s okay, I like those lipsticks anyway.


After blot it with tissue :


As u can see, it looks really similar, people you met might not be able to tell whether you’re using two different lipsticks on half of your lips.

The swatch of Cherry Kiss mixed with Bewitching Coral :


Now, the swatch of Bewitching Coral.


It’s a soft pink color, and I don’t think it contains any orangey color to it like other coral colors.

Last, the swatch of Maroon Dust.


It’s a MLBB (My Lips But Better) color type of thing, well yes it’s kinda show the fine lines on lips, but that’s also because it’s a nude colour which usually have a tendency to show the fine lines more.

Since the texture is quite creamy and not drying, my lips doesn’t look cracked during the day.
Sometimes I like to use it fot ombre lips look, or layer it on to the bolder color lipstick.

That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.


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