Revlon Lip Colours

Hello Revloners!
This post will be all about Revlon lip colours, eventho not entire line of their lip colours.

Recently I get my hands on these lip crayons.


Also the basic lipstick line (the black one).


First is the swatch of the Lacquer Balm in Provocateur. This is a sweet pinkish red with tiny gold shimmer, almost all of Lacquer Balm series has a shimmer to it.

Texture wise feels creamy and have a minty sensation (all of Revlon lip crayons have minty sensation).

Pigmentation is quite opaque, and buildable. Satin finished.

Staying power, I have to say is very bad. It’s really easily rubbed off. Even when I just drink my coffee, the color on the inner part of the lower lip is gone…

It does transfer, like most of lip colours out there, but not crazily staining the cup or straw or clothes or other person’s lips (oops).


I think this series feels more to tinted lipbalm, or lipbalm with opaque colours.

This one is also Lacquer Balm in Enticing which is darker, this one is a brownish red (brownies, mmm yummy~).


The next one is from the Matte Balm series, this in shade Audacious, which is a bright orange colour. The Balm Stain series also have this kind of colour, the shade is Rendezvous.

Texture is dry and matte (of course, it’s a Matte Balm). I personally don’t really like the texture, I do have dry lips, it has a tendency to stick on the dry part on the lips, and a bit hard to remove when it get stuck on the dry skin area.

Pigmentation is quite opaque.
Staying power is so so, a bit hard to blend because of its dry texture, it can get a little bit streaky.

It’s not easily transfer, but it cracks more and easier rather than the Laquer and Balm Stain series.

All of the lip crayon line have 2.7 grams.


Next is from Natural Wonder Series, I personally never heard this line before until the day when they’re doing year end sale.

The packaging is smaller than their usual average lipstick packaging, but the lipstick itself is still at the same amount, 4 grams.
I got this in shade no.4 Spice.

Texture is creamy and easy to spread and blend, but rubbed off easily too. Satin finished.

Staying power is poor, but the pigmentation is quite good and the color is somehow look pretty, not a totally pale nude lipstick.


This is the Balm Stain series in shade Cherish.
It’s cool toned blue based bubblegum pink. This kind of colour really doesn’t suit me.

Texture is creamy and moisturizing, satin finished.

Pigmentation is good, but I should swipe quite lots of layers to make the colour more opaque.

Staying power is the best compare to the other lip crayon line, Lacquer and Matte Balm. Balm Stain do have stain, so it’s not easily rubbed off (the stain layer).

I did a review on the Balm Stain in shade Honey before, and I love this colour. Please kindly Check This Out


The stain of Revlon Balm Stain Cherish :


I love mixing make up products, I did a layering the Cherish underneath and Audacious on top.
Warm up the Cherish, and toned down the Audacious, and make it feels more moist on lips.



One day, I tried this lipstick on beauty workshop event. This is from their famous lipstick line, Superlustrous.

Texture is matte, and pigmented. This shade is Fiery which is Orange.
I didn’t get a chance for the other shade to try out.

Staying power is quite good, unlike the Natural Wonder series.
As usual, this matte series feels a bit dry on lips.


That’s all for my swatch and review. Hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

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