Koji Eyelash Curler no.73

Good Afternoon everyone.
This time the review will be one of make up tools, it’s an eyelash curler named Koji. Yeap, it is under the same management with brand of Dolly Wink here, and also Masami Shouko brushes, they are under one management of Kay Collection.


I choose the 73mm because it claims that it’s the standard size, and I think it’s meant to be all size, and it is.

In the front part, there’s a KOJI letters engraved.


The rubber has curved line also on the inner part, and it feels bouncy when I press the handle.


I don’t really know what makes it different from other curlers, but this curler only need a little strength of my fingers to press and create a vivid curl.

But the curl of the lashes itself looks a bit dented, in my opinion, hahaha…
I usually curl my lashes not only near the lashline, but also the middle and sometimes the tip.
It helps to create a C-curl look.


This is the comparison size with QVS eyelash curler, similar size, but QVS create a much more softer curl, need more strength to press to create a vivid curl.

QVS is a good choice for those who wants just a tiny bit of curls on their lashes, while Koji is a good choice for those who wants more instant and dramatic curls.


That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it usefull.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

One thought on “Koji Eyelash Curler no.73

  1. Thanks for a review,just purchased this and I already do have the Koji n.71 .
    I don’t like it,I thought this might be better for my eye >:)

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