Maxfactor Lipfinity Lipstick

Another review of Maxfactor lip products. Right now is time to review the lipfinity lipstick, I did a review about the liquid version before.

Okay, let’s start.
This Lipfinity lipstick has a bright gold packaging with clear cap, remind me of Revlon Suede Lipstick.
The packaging is quite sturdy, you can directly see the color of the lipstick.



The shape is flat top lipstick, not the pointy one, but it still feels nice to apply on lips.

Pigmentation, it’s quite pigmented, not that So-Pigmented-Lipstick but it is buildable. If you press the lipstick to your lips in heavy handed way, it will be so pigmented though.
Maxfactor lipstick tends to have a stain effect a little bit after it sets on the lips.

The lipstick also feels quite creamy, not really dry on lips, eventhough not that moisturizing either, and easy to spread.
It’s not chalky and flaky on my lips eventho when I’m not wearing lipbalm in prior.


The shade is 50 Just Alluring. It’s a raspberry fuschia color. The pictures taken with indoor lighting.


Outdoor lighting.



The stain :


Overall this lipstick is good.
The packaging is good at start, but after a while the cap started to loosen the grip. Make sure to pull the lipstick down inside, so when the cap is accidentally off, th lipstick won’t stain everywhere.

For the texture, I do still prefer the Elixir one. Elixir sets into more satin finish rather than glossy.
Well, I usually ended up blotting it with tissue anyway :roll:.

The smell, it smells like a sweet candy, while the elixir smells more like sweet cookie.

Will I repurchase this? Maybe, in different shade.

That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it usefull.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

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