Miracle Island Dragon Blood and Ice Plant Water

Hello guys, in this post I want to do a review about All in One Gel by Miracle Island. I bought them when I visit Beauty Recipe store in a mall.
This is what I got, Dragon Blood and Ice Plant Water.


The tear-drop-shape bottle also looks pretty in my opinion. It’s a 250ml inside, I bought this for about IDR 180K or about $17-18.
The color is quite vivid and eye catching also. It is made of plastic, the flip-top cap is on the bottom, eventho it makes no worries about taking the product out or put the bottle upside down when it’s about to run out, but the pointy shape above also kinda trap the products there, maybe I will need a chopstick to really took it out later.

Now, to the product. Start with the Dragon Blood. As I remember this is for Anti Wrinkle. The gel itself actually is transparent, but the smell is different between the Dragon Blood and Ice Plant Water.
Lightweight texture and feeling, easy to absorb by the skin.


While the Ice Plant Water is meant for the pores, eventho I don’t really see significant changes to my big pores, but it feels soothing the skin, lightweight feeling, easy to absorb.


The downside of the product is, it’s not moisturizing enough for my dry skin, but it might be great for people with oily skin.
After putting on this gel, both I mean, I still need to use a cream moisturizer to give a more hydration to my skin.

Pros :
+ Light weight feeling
+ Easy to absorb, no sticky feeling
+ Affordable price tag considering it’s 250ml size

Cons :
– Not moisturizing enough for dry skin
– Packaging kind of wasting left product inside
– Not easily found in any store

That’s all for my quick review, hope you guys find this useful.
Thanks for reading.
Reynata M.S.


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