Masami Shouko Professional for beginner.

Hello everyone, finally I’m coming back with brush review and tips.
I’ve collected some of Masami Shouko brushes from their professional line recently, and here’s what I thought about them and simple tips for beginner who want to buy from this line but just the brushes they need for a complete makeup for daily.

Let’s start!!

We’re gonna start with Masami Shouko Synthetic Brushes.

Precision Foundation Brush 19.

It has two tone bristles, it is meant for liquid or cream products.
It also able to blend the undereye concealer since the tip is quite pointy. Synthetic bristles, I also have tried to use it as a mask brush, and it works well.



Flat High Definition Brush 08.

This one is my most favourite, neither too dense nor flimsy, just the right density.
This brush practically able to be used for liquid, cream, and powder type of products.
It can be a foundation brush, powder brush, blush brush, bronzer brush, blending brush, almost anything you want.
The bristles are synthetic and really soft, not pricky even when I dab it on my cheekbones.



Closer look of Masami 08


Small Stippling Brush 16.

Somehow I don’t really like large stippling brush, I don’t really like to use stippling brush for foundation.
This small stippling brush usually used for cream blush, or powder highlighter, that’s what I usually use this for.


The bristles not so dense, but not too sparse, and not pricky when I dab it on my cheeks. Synthetic bristles.


Move to the Natural Bristles Brushes, we’re gonna start with this Tapered Face Brush 06.

Tapered Face Brush 06.


The Pro Line using black natural bristles instead of brown.
The bristles quite fluffy and not-that-so-pricky kind of natural bristles, but because of its natural hair, it does have a smell, I don’t know what kind of smell it is, but it is quite noticeable when you put it around your nose, the first time I get my hands on this brush, the smell is worse than now, after several washing, the smell is acceptable now by my nose.


Pointed tip, makes it easy for hard-to-reach area, this multitask brush can be used for almost any type of powder products such as face powder, powder blush, powder bronzer, powder highlighter.
If you are a traveller and want to bring simple but multitasking brush, this one is perfect for you.


Large Angled Contour Brush 10.

I also love this one. Black natural bristles, have a slight two tone, fluffy, soft, and quite big for contouring but I don’t mind with that because it still works well to me. Blend the contour really well, of course powder bronzer, not cream one.
It does have a smell just like the Tapered 06.



The Eye Brushes :

Tapered Blending Brush 38.

Goat hair. White bristles, fluffy, and feels like a cotton thread, blends really well.
I prefer this one rather than Coastal Scents Pro Blending Fluff which is a dupe for MAC 217.


The downside is, you need to put on brush guard when store this brush in a pouch, or the bristles will sticks everywhere and turn into a mess shape.


Short Shader Brush 35.

Surprisingly this is the natural bristles eye brush that doesn’t feel pricky for smudging on my eyes.
This brush is softer than the pencil brush with goat hair (this one feels pricky on eyes).
I usually use this brush for creating a line on my upper lashline, or just setting my eyeliner with eyeshadow, and also for outer lower lashline to create an outer V line.
I’ve tried this for brow brush, and it works really well, just blend with a spoolie after that.



Pencil Brush 41 (gold series)

This Gold Series has discontinued since last March-April 2016 and replaced with the Pink Series.
This one made of goat hair with white color just like Tapered Blending 38, but this one quite stiff and pricky for my eyes.
I used to use it for lining my eyes, or as a smudge brush, but I don’t really like using it that way, and now it ended up as a brow brush or nose contouring brush.


Now, tips for beginner.
For basic Face Brushes, you can go on with :

1. Flat High Definition Brush 08 for powder foundation, or liquid foundation, or bb cream.
2. Tapered Face Brush 06 for setting powder, highlighter.
3. Large Angled Shading Brush 10 for contour, blush.

For basic Eye Brushes, for beginner, usually not really use that much tools and not quite often wearing complicated eye makeup, you can go on with :

1. Tapered Blending Brush 38 for all over eyeshadow, and blending brush.
2. Short Shader Brush 35 for eyebrow brush, or for eyeliner by using eyeshadow, and also to smudge the lower lashline.

That’s all for my review and tips, hope you guys find it usefull.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

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