Cetaphil Daily Facial Moisturizer.

Hello, back again with skin care review. By the way, this is my first time trying on Cetaphil’s product.
I got my eyes on this moisturizer because it has pump and have more than 100ml size.

Here’s the look :


It has thick consistency, White colour, and have a smell like pharmacy stuff (I don’t know how to describe the smell). It feels a bit sticky, after the moisturizer absorbed by the skin, my skin looks glowing but a bit more looks like greasy, remind me a bit of sunscreen’s finish. It also have SPF.


When I first use it for about a week, I can feel heating sensation right after it touch my skin, and I can even feel my breath “burning” my cupid’s bow. I stop using it for about a week.


After that I try to use it again, and now I don’t feel that heating sensation anymore.
I’m not sure if it’s because I use soft peeling product when I first try it or if it’s because of skin’s adjustment to new product.

It does its job to moisturize the skin, I apply make up on top of it and it doesn’t make my make up cakey or clumpy.

It’s quite good moisturizer, but not that great. Considering the price tag, it’s quite pricey.

That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

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