The Face Shop Aqua Proof Lip Marker no.1 Cherry

Hello everyone, back with a review again, without further do, let’s start.

It’s a Korean brand named The Face Shop, I’ve tried the regular liptint, that My lips Eat Cherry liptint before, and it’s quite great, so I decided to try this one out too.


The shape is also one factor that makes me want to have it. The shape is looks like a marker, it’s easy to bring with in a purse, not bulky and it’s light weight.

The tip, it’s not bouncy or even moving, it’s stiff just like a marker.
The application is really easy, just swipe it around your lips, and you’re done.


The color itself is Coral Red, it has a better pigmentation than their Juice Tint line.
This tint absorb faster on lips.


The color is so wearable for daily use. This tint quite drying out my lips, so I should put on lipbalm beforehand.


After some hours (plus eating but not heavily)


Staying power is quite impressive, but the longest stain is on the lower lip, where I have lots of dry skin on my lips. On the other part of my lips, the stain is look more wear-off.

I choose the color Cherry, which is no.1, it has two shades, the other one is pink, bright pink in my opinion from what I saw on their promotional poster.

I like this tint, with quite affordable price, wearable color, cute and unique packaging, you can’t go wrong with this.

That’s all for my review, hope you guys find it useful.
Thanks for reading.

Reynata M.S.

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